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Why Remote Work is a Gold Mine

Ten years ago working remotely was just a perk, offered by some companies. Today most job-seekers are looking for this kind of job and many companies are welcoming it. And this is not a surprise. Not only due to the present situation but, as well, the trend of last years has shown the benefits and productivity of working remotely.

Even if it is still misunderstood by some people as a “lay on the sofa” type of work, remote work ( known sometimes as working from home, or work from anywhere) is a very professional and engaging way of working. The procedures may differ from face-to-face interaction, but they still offer the same high-quality results and go even higher.

Remote work employees prove to be more productive, engaged, happier, and better paid, because of the chance of having flexible hours and days, the most stress-free environment that is very familiar to them, and working from anywhere, gives them the power and intellectual capacities to work at their best. In fact, 99% of the employees claim they would like to have more opportunities to work remotely.

A lot of companies understood how the new world works and the needs of their employees, and in fact, how money-saving it can be. That is why, worldwide. there are companies that hire remote workers from anywhere. Here are just some of them:

1. Appen – technology services company with 20+ years of experience and in the top 10 remote work employers of the year, operating in about 130 countries.

2. Williams-Sonoma - a multichannel specialty retailer of quality home products.

3. World Travel Holdings – even if it is new in the game, it offers a lot of job opportunities and named itself “dream ambassadors”.

4. K12 - a leading provider of online educational programs and solutions for youth in kindergarten through 12th grade.

5. CISCO - an award-winning, publicly-traded global technology solutions firm.

Many studies have shown how beneficial remote work is for both, employees and employers. Below is the list of three benefits you can get as an employer when you hire a remote worker:

1. Higher Productivity

It is not just a myth that remote work employees are more productive and prove higher results. According to a Stanford University study of a 16,000-employees Chinese travel agency saw a staggering 13% increase in productivity because employees were happier with their careers. A similar fact was proven by another study conducted by Harvard University, showing that WFH employees could actually boost US workforce productivity by more than 4%. Working in their desired hours, not forced to a fixed schedule, and with a range of places to work from, it is one of the best ways to boost their intellectual capacities, engagement, and, therefore, productivity.

2. Wide talent universe

The right employee that will fit your company’s interests and values does not have to be 2, 5, or even 10 miles away. At the distance of a click, you can find that employee with a “work chemistry” that will engage and will prove a wide range of talents you need. They can be at the other end of the Earth and make the remote job perfectly well. The internet is full of hidden and well-discovered talents you can find and hire for your best interests.

3. Save money

Remote work is not just a wider pool of talents and productivity. It is a money saver. It has been proven over the years to reduce operational costs. A big part of employers identifies remote work’s saving costs effects and shift towards telecommunication, thanks to some big reasons. People prove to be much healthier, happier, less inclined towards attrition, and losing a team member can cost them anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 in terms of productivity and hiring costs for another employee for that one position. A very good example of money-saving is the technology giant IBM, which is saving upwards of $50 million a year on real estate costs.

At WFH Recruitment, we are experts in tech and digital recruitment. With remote offices located in the UK and Europe, expanding in Asia and the USA we know a thing or two about the international marketplace and can help you secure talented candidates wherever you are located. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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