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How We Hire - A WFH Recruitment Guide

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

WFH Recruitment is widely recognized as one of the technology fastest growing recruitment agencies. With our team members, we have the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with all our clients. Our success is a result of our commitment to the best people, the best solutions and the best results.

Openness and transparency are key values for us, making it a priority to implement them in all our projects. We want to make our recruitment process clear and easy to understand, so our team has prepared a thorough guide for you to follow along. Here is a detailed description of each stage in our recruitment process.

1. Creating the Candidate's Profile

Firstly, we want to meet our client either in-person or in an online meeting. Because we usually work with clients from over the seas, virtual meetings are usually our top pick, as they are more accessible and efficient.

During this meeting, it is important to understand the client's needs. We want to know what the position entails, what qualifications are expected from the candidates. We will also discuss administrative issues such as schedule and salary.

Generally, during this developing stage, we ask questions such as: "Who will this role report to?" "Is this position full-time, part-time or contract-based?" "What skills and requirements are needed for the role (education, certifications, previous experience, etc)?"

After the meeting, we will prepare profiles of prospective candidates based on their CVs. The profiles usually include top strengths, key values, and various information the client could find useful. The reason for this practice is to make sure we understood correctly the specifications for the position, as well as the client's expectations.

2. Market Analysis

Before starting the process of actively seeking candidates, we must analyze the market to see the options are for the role. This way we can find out useful insights such as the exact number of available candidates that fit the criteria or the competitive offers from other companies. The results are then sent over to the client to seek their approval and perspective.

With all the data gathered from the analysis, we can put together an effective personalised recruitment strategy. Our team will choose the right sourcing tools and the best channels to interact with candidates. The communication strategy is based on the candidates' profiles to ensure a high response rate.

3. Job Posting

The client and the recruiter will look over the job description to verify all the information. Afterwards, the recruiter in charge of the role will make public the job posting, following closely the requirements discussed earlier. Depending on the location of the vacancy, our recruiters use the most reliable job posting sites in that country.

4. Actively Sourcing Candidates

After posting the job announcement, the recruiter will get in contact with other prospective candidates found during the market analysis. Finding the right candidate can sometimes take time, but because we are using AI-powered recruitment technologies, this stage is guaranteed to develop at a higher speed.

5. Phone Interview

Each candidate goes through a phone screening, meaning that the recruiter will have a conversation with them over the phone to get to know them a little. The recruiter will go over the details in the candidate's CV to check its accuracy. They will also ask about their motivation, the reason for leaving their previous job, and their expectations regarding this position.

6. Virtual Interview

Based on the answers given during the phone interview, a thorough selection takes place to choose the best candidates for this stage: virtual interview. If possible, the interview can take place face to face as well, depending on the location of the candidates. However, as most of our clients are open to recruiting globally, the majority of interviews are online. We know that this stage can be stressful, so to help you feel more prepared check out our article on how to nail your next interview.

Interviews normally last around 40 minutes and they are based on a guide prepared by the recruiter according to the job requirements. The questions are tailored to highlight desirable skills and abilities. During this stage, candidates can also expect certain evaluations depending on the position they are applying to. The tests can measure your technical skills or foreign language comprehension.

7. Shortlisting

If the interview with the recruiter goes well, candidates can be selected for the shortlisting stage. The recruiter selects between three and five candidates that best fit the profile created in the first stage. This list is further sent to the client for validation. The employer will also receive a personal recommendation and evaluation of each shortlisted candidate from the recruiter.

The client is updated weekly on each stage of the recruitment process. The shortlisted candidates won't be necessarily be sent to the client at once. The recruiter can select the candidates for the client meeting within 48 hours of the virtual interview.

8. Interview with the Employer

Each candidate that has been selected for this stage will have an interview with their prospective employer, our client. Similar to the other stages, the interview can be conducted virtually or in person. The client can also use the evaluation made by the recruiter to get to know the candidate beforehand. This way, employers can have more control over the discussion and direct it towards topics that interest them - this can be related to the candidate's previous experience or impressive achievements.

9. Hiring the Candidate

The last and most exciting stage is completing the hiring agreement. After the interviews with each candidate, the employer makes an offer for one or more candidates, considering their profiles and the available roles. Sometimes, employers can offer candidates a different role than the one they applied for, one they think would be better suited for their profile.

At WFH Recruitment, we are experts in tech and digital recruitment. With remote offices located in the UK and Europe, expanding in Asia and the USA we know a thing or two about the international marketplace and can help you secure talented candidates wherever you are located. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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