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How To Welcome Employees In The New Remote Environment

Covid-19 Pandemic has affected many spheres of our lives, families, and a lot of businesses. And as many of the things will come back on their track, some might be changed forever. Even if, at the beginning of the lock-down many employees and employers were forced to operate remotely, faced with unknown tasks, questions, and anxiety, after three months the researches have shown that, in America, more than 48% of employees would like to continue working from home. LinkedIn data suggests job searches for remote work increased by 60% globally since March.

As social distancing is still required to keep things under control as much as possible, so does remote working, and many companies found this new trend very beneficial. However, it is very important not only to operate with the existing employees, but to know how to recruit, hire, and integrate your new employees to remote work. That is why it is important to know some tips on how to be efficient in the process.

I. Recruiting

In the recruiting process, remote operations as face-to-face ones are equally significant. Therefore, make sure to:

- be present on a readily usable platform by all candidates;

- be aware of any potential issue like discrimination or misunderstanding;

- input reasonable adjustments when it is needed (give someone more time to complete the test, to answer the questions, etc., and make sure a person will be responsible for shortlisting decisions rather than software);

- when it comes to conducting the interview, it is very important to choose the right room with good lighting, sound, and internet connection;

- make sure to prepare the interviewees. Give guidance on the process and let them know they should dress appropriately as it is equally professional and engaging as a face-to-face interview.

II. Integration

To find the perfect fit for your company is neither easy nor difficult. To keep the new employees engaged in the company, to motivate them to perform at their best and open up, especially when you are unable to interact face-to-face, but only remotely, is a completely different task and a very essential one. That is why having a plan and being more creative in your onboarding plan is a must if you want to evolve.

- make sure to act appropriately in the current situation. If you have to meet face-to-face, give them a copy of your Covid-19 plan to show what measures you have put in place, including the 2m distance rule;

- give them a contact name so they have someone to ask any questions or queries on their new job. As a line manager you might not be available at all times;

- allocate a “buddy” that will help them integrate much easier in the new environment. Working remotely might be overwhelming and raise too many questions, at first. For this reason, organise daily informal Zoom coffee meetings and do your best to make them feel welcome and allow them to speak up.

III. Long-term Collaboration

Once the candidate has picked up the workflow of your organization, you can start thinking of a plan to maintain long-term collaboration. If you want your hire to feel part of a close-knitted community, emphasize the importance of communication among the team.

- offer clear and concise information. Don't leave room for misinterpretation, especially for new employees who are not familiar with all WFH lingo. If it is the case, explain the acronyms you use. Moreover, don't go overboard with unnecessary details.

- establish personal connections. Spend time getting to know your hires, emphasize with their struggles and be open to their opinions. Creating a trusting relationship will increase the chances of your employee speaking up when something is wrong.

- create a positive workplace culture. With remote collaboration, it can be challenging to make new employees feel part of the community. Set new virtual traditions. Instead of "Office Pizza Friday", set a meeting dedicated to catching up or sharing mindfulness advice. This will encourage your candidate to befriend other colleagues and it will surely make them feel more welcomed.

Working from home proved to be a very efficient new way of dealing with businesses, and it will most probably remain so in the future. Something that comes at zero costs with more benefits is worth the investment of your creativity and engagement in the recruiting and integration processes. Make sure to spot the right moment to act and the right move to make.

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