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6 Ways to Disconnect When Working from Home

All of us who are currently working from home know that it can be difficult to create a clear separation between personal and professional life. Working a remote nine to five job can be challenging when you are surrounded by various distractions such as loud neighbours, small children or laundry machines beeping off.

Most employees tend to overwork themselves. While 91% of employees agree they get more done when working from home, over half of them admit to working overtime at least once during the week. Do you want to know how to disconnect when working from home? How to disconnect and fully enjoy your time off? Here are a few tips we think you'll find useful!

1. Set physical boundaries.

You've heard it a million times before- having a designated workspace is mandatory for remote employees. This can either be a basket full of stationery, laptop, charger, notes, or an office just for yourself. However, not everyone has spare rooms, especially if you have limited space, so creating your special corner, separated from the rest of the house is good enough.

Set Boundaries to Disconnect When Working from Home
Set Physical Boundaries

2. Listen to your body.

Working remotely doesn't mean you should push your limits towards exhaustion. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day, get off your chair to stretch your back and add some exercise to your routine. Even a short walk at the end of your day can help you disconnect. You can also use one of your 10-minute breaks to meditate if you feel too stressed or overwhelmed at any point during the day.

3. Plan a ritual for the end-of-your day.

Just like your mind knows when it is time for you to go to bed, so can your body learn when it is time to log off from work. Routines and rituals are a great way to trick your mind into doing something you wouldn't normally do by yourself. Light a scented candle, play a song you like and write down your plan for the next day. This will help transition from work to your free time, as you are using visual and auditory stimuli to teach your brain it is time to disconnect from work.

Use a Ritual toDdisconenct When Working from Home
End Your Day With a Ritual

4. Set realistic expectations.

Most of us tend to keep working until we finish everything that's on our lists, rather than putting things off for the next day. And that sounds very productive. In theory. In reality, you realize it's 9 pm and you still have a long way to go until you finish everything you had in mind. Work hours are the same in an office as well as outside of one, in our homes. The solution is to set realistic, balanced goals for yourself.

5. Stick to your schedule.

Have you ever received an email for work after hours, fought the urge to open it and lost? It is that urgency work imposes that make us feel the need to check our inbox even after we are done for the day. Remote policies should outline where and when communication ends and highlight the right channels to use to get ideas across. Clear rules and boundaries can help remote workers disconnect and eliminate the pressure of always being online.

6. Find a new purpose.

When we are deeply connected to our work, we seem to forget who are outside the office. We can neglect our passions or hobbies, as we invest most of our time in work and household chores. To help switch work off easier, consider planning different activities to partake in. You can volunteer for a cause you believe in or schedule a class for a hobby you enjoy. This way you will look forward to something after work to encourage you to unplug easier from work.

Use a Hobby to Disconnect When Working from Home
Engage in After-Work Activities

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