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How to Attract Top Tech Talent

Updated: Mar 29

Finding the right talent for your business can be difficult, especially when it comes to specific roles in niche industries. With tech positions, leaders need to deep dive into a world they might know nothing of. Understanding the needs of the candidates is essential if you want to retain top talent in this industry. We have prepared a thorough guide to help you build the tech team your business needs to thrive.

1. Grow your tech network

Do some research on the platforms tech-people use. According to a Stack Overflow survey, developers spend most of their time on Reddit, Youtube and Facebook. Get in touch with them by joining hot conversation topics and start building relationships. Other programming-related communities are StackExchange or GitHub, where you can analyse discussions and spot opinion leaders which you can contact later with relevant offers.

Simultaneously, bring out engaging content to these platforms to catch their eye and boost the image of your brand. If prospective candidates visit your page, it will increase your likeness in their eyes.

2. Make a name for yourself

If you want to be attractive to tech professionals, you need to establish your presence in the scene. Take part in the events hunted by all tech people, where they regularly attend, be it webinars, virtual conferences or workshops. Attach your name to the event if possible by becoming a sponsor. This way, attendees will remember your company as an active participant in the tech sector and will be more eager to look for what you have to offer.

Should your budget allow it, consider organizing your own event, as you are completely in control of how everything goes. However, if you are dealing with a tight budget, simply showing up at the event is worthwhile. Make connections and get the word out about your business.

3. Invest in technology

One thing top tech people have in common is that they are passionate and knowledgeable about technology. Skilled candidates might expect to receive at least the same level of technology they are using at home. If you want to hire the best people, give them the tools they need to perform their best.

Working with top-notch technology not only gives employees a sense of excitement and a creativity boost but also ensures that their skills are staying up to date. Having access to the latest technology facilitates the process of ongoing learning, especially in an industry where it is essential to be on top of current trends.

4. Understand the value of employees

Before you start recruiting, make sure you understand the market value of the role you want to fill. While offering a high salary is not everything in a tech job, it surely isn't something that can be left out of your hiring plan. When targeting top talent, you need to take into consideration offering a competitive salary.

However, if you are not in a position to compete with bigger firms, re-evaluate your target for this role. There are a lot of firms that hire students straight from university and this has its fair share of advantages. To start, it offers the possibility of offering a lower salary, while giving your inexperienced candidates an introduction to the industry.

5. Let go of location barriers

Hiring candidates from all over the world offers employers the opportunity to choose the best candidates for their business. Without the limitation of location, recruiters can select candidates solely based on their skills, experience and personality. This can also add more diversity to the workplace and help your company integrate cultural insights into the business strategy.

At WFH Recruitment, we are experts in tech and digital recruitment. With remote offices located in the UK and Europe, expanding in Asia and the USA we know a thing or two about the international marketplace and can help you secure talented candidates wherever you are located. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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