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Hiring Trends in 2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The world of recruitment has drastically changed throughout 2020. Businesses have discovered they can widen their pool of talent by hiring candidates from across the world. As location barriers have been lifted, companies can now create a more diverse work culture and build stronger relationships between employees.

Last year has been defined by two words: unpredictability and adaptability. Leaders needed to think fast and find creative solutions to keep their organizations above water. Now, almost one year later, it is clear that they have begun to adapt to the new way of working, be it hybrid or completely remote. What should we expect in 2021 regarding hiring and recruiting?

Artificial Intelligence Will Become Indispensable

The pandemic has accelerated the impact technology has on the recruitment process. With closed offices and the need to reduce working staff to keep the business running, companies fast-tracked their digital plans. A Sage report of 2020 shows that 24% of businesses have started using artificial intelligence to fulfil their hiring needs. Similarly, 56% of managers are looking forward to including automated technology in their talent acquisition plan in the next 12 months. Because employers can now recruit globally, the need to adopt an AI tool is becoming more urgent. Why? To ease the process of sifting through this larger pool of talent. This process is not only time and money-saving, but it also increases the quality of hiring, as well as improves all the stages of talent acquisition. Some companies fear that using AI as part of their recruitment process will make them seem more cold and impersonal. Technology does not replace the recruiter's role. On the contrary, intelligent automation can supplement their work by filtering through data faster, transparently, and without error. This allows recruiters to focus more on meaningful aspects of hiring, such as getting to know candidates in detail and creating a connection with them.

Cybersecurity and DevOps Will be More Important Than Ever.

For a long time, both DevOps and security teams have struggled to implement security across complex environments that are continuously changing. In 2021, it is expected that cybersecurity will rely on intelligent machine-generated code that creates a secure infrastructure faster than ever. This will replace manual attempts to fix vulnerabilities and ensure that teams don't waste their limited financial and human resources. Another prediction for this year is that DevOps will rely more on AI to help with tasks that are more prone to error, thus increasing productivity. Moreover, automating end-to-end user flows and testing will become a reality in a codeless manner. This allows teams to reduce their test automation time. DevOps are expected to become more involved in the data strategy process and make their voices heard. As a result, we'll see an increase in cloud data management techniques, as well as in the mobility of workloads. Rapid technological process, along with the changes in business priorities and the demand for software have collided. This means that developers will have a more important seat at the table.

Digital Hiring is Here to Stay

Virtual interviews, digital sourcing, as well as online reference checking, are not a short-term perk created by the pandemic, but rather an essential part of any long-term hiring strategy. Recruiters can look for the exact skills and abilities needed for their open positions, without the need to compromise because of the limitations imposed by physical location. In terms of skills, candidates should make sure they perfected their communication and collaboration abilities. Companies who are open to embracing digital recruitment strategies will not only be on top of the sourcing game but also ensure their way towards success. Digital hiring can also create a more diverse work environment, adding more depth to the perspectives of employees regarding difficult tasks.

While 2020 was a challenging year for both employers and employees, businesses are now more prepared than ever for what 2021 has to offer. One thing is certain: Adapting to new trends is necessary if you want to stand out in any market.

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