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Everything You Need To Know About Employee Branding

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

While researching branding strategies for your company, you've probably stumbled across employee branding. In today's world, employee voices matter just as much as corporate communication, if not even more. Research shows that 78% of job candidates believe the candidate experience they get is a good indicator of how a company values its people. So, here is what you need to know about employee branding.

What is Employee Branding?

Employee branding refers to the way your company is perceived by employees, either current or potential ones. For starters, think about your employees. Are they happy, engaged and motivated? If the answer is yes, this means they can become strong advocates for your company's brand, product or services. Creating valuable experiences for your hires increases the chances of building a positive employee brand.

Employees need to be connected to your company's values to internalize them and further communicate them to the rest of the world. So, make sure your team is on board with your company's beliefs. The core idea of employee branding is to turn your hires into brand ambassadors that can paint your company in the best light possible.

What is Employee Branding

How Can Employee Branding Help Your Company? - Recruitment and Employee Branding

The benefits of employee branding fall on both current employees and potential candidates. Organizations with great employee brand are more likely to improve employee loyalty. This also increases their motivation, as well as attracts top and engaged talent. Optimizing your employee brand can also have an impact on the way you manage customer experience. Employees who understand the company's mission and work towards achieving corporate goals can improve customer experience, while also advocating for the company's brand.

How to Build Great Employee Branding?

Now that you know more about employee branding is time to see how exactly you can implement it in your company. There is no right or wrong way of creating thy type of branding, so you can get creative with it depending on your business' needs.

1. Teach your employees about your brand

The first step in building employee branding starts from within the company. If you want your hires to become strong advocates for your brand, you must make sure they are on board with company values. Educate your employees about the company's mission, make your brand message clear in their minds. To make sure employees can identify with your brand, structure your main message simply and positively.

Organize a series of brand training to educate your employees about the company's mission. Add engaging activities- you don't want these meetings to feel like a burden. Implementing brand values takes time but if done right, you will get back double your efforts. Those meetings are also designed to teach your employees how to represent the brand through their actions, what to do or not to do to help create more awareness. Offer opportunities to practice representing the brand, create potential scenarios to make your hires feel prepared for any situation they could encounter.

Share Your Brand Values

2. Listen to feedback

Once you've established a clear connection between corporate brand and employees, is time to work on maintaining it. Create a work environment where employees feel part of the bigger picture. Help them feel involved in your mission by opening about about your progress and sharing the next steps of your plan. Encourage them to come up with suggestions and ideas to increase engagement. This way they will naturally become strong advocates for your brand, as they will feel like insiders take part in your corporate journey.

Feedback also plays a valuable role in improving employee experience. Why? Because it is one of the biggest parts of employee branding is employee feedback. More and more employees are making their voices heard through online reviews on platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed. They are rating their experience during interviews, as well as sharing details of their work lives at the company or writing down opinions of the CEO and management team. This is your opportunity to listen and take notes. See how employees are really feeling about your company and start working on problematic areas.

Feedback Matters

3. Work on your hiring strategies

Another important step is optimizing your recruitment strategies to ensure that you are hiring the best candidates. It is essential to actively monitor your employee brand, even throughout your hiring process. Provide accurate and clear job descriptions and promote your values during sourcing. Make your vision heard even through potential candidates that will go through your screening process.

Our recruitment process is fully adaptable to your organization's needs. We focus on promoting key values directly through decision-makers in your company. If you want to learn more about our hiring strategy, check out this article. Learn more about the way we recruit and become partners today!

Improve Your Hiring Startegy

What we've learned?

One thing is clear: the key to building great employee branding is through employee experience. Once again, we have learned how important it is to choose the right employees to be part of your company, as well as make sure to make their journey as satisfying as possible. Motivated employees are more likely to become valuable brand ambassadors and be truly involved in your company's growth.

At WFH Recruitment, we are experts in tech and digital recruitment. With remote offices located in the UK and Europe, expanding in Asia and the USA we know a thing or two about the international marketplace and can help you secure talented candidates wherever you are located. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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