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Biggest Challenges in Hiring and How to Overcome Them

Whether you are a part of a multi-millionaire business or a small, family-owned company, you have surely encountered challenges in recruitment. We know that finding and retaining top talent is an essential part of any development process. Our team has prepared a thorough guide to help you understand and overcome the most pressing problems in hiring.

1. Finding the right candidates

Looking for an employee that fills all the requirements of a role can be very time and energy-consuming. A Glassdoor report shows that 76% of hiring managers consider attracting the right candidates for the job their greatest challenge.

Recruiters and employers know how much pressure is on their shoulders to find the perfect candidate- and fast. Most of the time, you can end up with the best person who you find in a short amount of time, rather than the one who best fits the job.

The reason employers rush the recruitment process is the competition. If you are not hiring the best people right now, somebody else is. Companies are constantly looking for ways to win over the most talented people in their field. As a business, you don't want to be left out and miss out a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How can WFH Recruitment help?

Our top priority is to understand what our clients' needs are. We make sure to have an insightful view of your company's goals and values, as well as look into what the position entails. Matching the candidates' skills with the job requirements is not enough if their values are not aligned with the company's culture.

Working with our team can reduce the time spent on sourcing talent. Not only are we working with the best recruiting specialists from all around the world, but we also use top-notch technology, automating parts of the recruitment process.

Through AI-powered technology, the process of selecting candidates becomes faster. Thus, our specialists have more time to interact with the prospective employees to make sure they are the right fit for your company's needs.

2. Shortage of skilled candidates

While searching for candidates, you have most probably gone through thousands of applications. After looking through several CVs, you might have realised that to fill this position you will need to drop some of the job requirements. Why? Because you are dealing with a pool of underqualified talent.

This is one of the most common issues in hiring. Skilled candidates can be very hard to find, especially in niche industries, where a specific set of qualifications is needed. On top of that, the competition around candidates who have hard-to-find skills is fierce. You have to keep in mind that those people are most likely considering multiple offers at the same time.

How can WFH Recruitment help?

The WFH Recruitment team has global expertise in hiring. We collaborated with clients from all over the world, helping them fill even the most challenging roles. Our areas of expertise include Cloud and IT Infrastructure, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Sales and Business Development, as well as Cyber and Information Security.

Our experience in working with different markets and cultures has shown us the importance of embracing the era of remote work. We can help you find your dream candidate where you least expect it. Now, companies situated on the other side of the world can have access to wider pools of talent, starting with top IT specialists in Silicon Valley. WFH Recruitment can help you fill remote positions with the best people and make sure their onboarding goes as smoothly as possible.

3. Ineffective sourcing strategy

What most businesses fear to accept or refuse to understand is that their recruitment strategy is not working. The market is constantly changing and HR professionals must be up to date with the newest trends in both recruitment strategies and their company's industry. It can be overwhelming to find high-profile candidates, get their resumes and contact information, not to mention it consumes financial and energy resources.

Hiring teams need to communicate effectively, analyse resumes and evaluate candidates. They need to be part of every stage in the recruitment process and be on top of the game. Not to mention administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews that also take up a big chunk of their time.

How can WFH Recruitment help?

By delegating some of the recruitment responsibilities to our specialists, your internal team can use their time to focus on other valuable tasks. Depending on your needs, we can offer custom recruitment services, permanent and contract recruitment, retained talent solution, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). To find out more about each option check our website.

Our goal is to successfully build powerful relations with our clients by identifying each candidate’s key strengths and pairing them with companies whose expectations and needs, core values, and beliefs match perfectly.

While working with global markets, we learned that success lies in implementing a client-oriented approach to rule over our decision-making process. Building long-lasting connections between our clients and candidates are our greatest passion.

At WFH Recruitment, we are experts in tech and digital recruitment. With remote offices located in the UK and Europe, expanding in Asia and the USA we know a thing or two about the international marketplace and can help you secure talented candidates wherever you are located. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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