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5 Ways to Boost Employee Creativity

Updated: May 28, 2021

One of the most important parts of any company is the environment your employees work in. A study by Accountancy Age on UK employees shows that the average person spends 188 days overtime during their professional life. Creativity should be an integrated part of your work culture, especially with hires spending a significant amount of time at the office. We have prepared 5 tips on how to get the creative juices flowing among your team.

1. Diversify your Team

Similar people tend to think alike. When you want to encourage creativity, it is essential to hire people from different backgrounds. Building a diverse team brings different perspectives to the table, as each person comes with various cultural, professional and personal backgrounds.

A diverse team can also incorporate a different set of skills which will surely come in handy during brainstorming sessions. Creative ideas can come from collaborating with others. Colleagues can inspire one another and share valuable knowledge among the team, thus creating an ongoing learning process.

Bring Diversity to Your Team

2. Offer Flexibility

Besides being stress-inducing, working on a tight schedule can cause creative blocks. Creativity cannot be linked entirely to office hours, as inspiration can come up at the most unexpected times and places. Having a flexible schedule, however, allows employees to be in charge of their day.

Employees might need a change of scenery to become more inspired and remote work policies offer them the opportunity to take their work outside. Some might get inspired by the chatter of a cafe, while others need the serenity of nature to come up with the best ideas. Flexibility comes hand in hand with trust, so giving your hires the freedom to be in charge of their day also means offering them space.

3. Set Clear Company Values

Employees need to be driven by the same values to work together as a team. This not only builds stronger bonds between hires but also leaves no room for miscommunication. Working for the same goal drives motivation and can inspire more creative ideas. Define your company values and make sure everyone is aware of them.

Once that is established, leaders need to maintain the connection between employees and company values. They need to create a work culture that aligns with their principles. This way, hires will feel more engaged, as working in a positive environment increases both creativity and productivity.

Set Clear Values

4. Take Risks

Create a culture where employees are encouraged to take risks. Most employees don't come up with new ideas because they are afraid of making mistakes. Encourage creativity by establishing a work environment where thinking outside the box is a norm, where expressing unconventional ideas is praised and supported. One way to implement this is to show your hires you are open to feedback and suggestions from them. This means creating an open-door policy, which encourages openness and transparency in the office.

5. Get New Perspectives

Sometimes looking at a problem for too long can affect your judgement skills, as you are too caught up in the matter. In those cases, consider bringing an outsider to take a look at the issue. After explaining the situation, brainstorm together to come up with new ideas that will help you overcome your challenge.

If necessary, put together a team of people with various backgrounds and expertise. This will ensure a diversity of opinions and solutions to the problem. Select a leader who knows in detail about the issue to act as a mediator during the creative exchange.

New Perspectives

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